Give your kid the best summer ever!

Whether its a 2 week or 1 week session we're here to make it the best summer ever!
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Set them up for a successful future

Every year almost 11 million kids go to summer camp. These kids are given the opportunity to improve their self-esteem, self-confidence, and independence in a safe, fun environment. Developing these areas at summer camp can help to improve their futures as your kids grow into young adults. 
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Take a pause from the electronics

"Kids these days" are attached to their screens. Between phones, tablets, computers and television kids are spending six or more hours per day in front of a screen. That can't be good for the right? Summer camp is the perfect chance for them to disconnect and focus on the important things, being a kid!
I sent all 3 of my boys to summer camp. Thanks to New England Summer Camps, I knew that they would have a great summer the moment we signed up. Now they even work at NE Summer Camps!

Judy K.

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Free Summer Camp Budgeting Worksheet
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Let your kid be a kid!

Summer camp is the perfect chance for your kid to just be a kid! Camps provide them the opportunity to have the most fun possible during the summer. Whether it be swimming, sailing, sports, gymnastics, archery, tennis, horseback riding, arts & crafts, canoeing or kayaking there is something for every kid at summer camp to just have fun!
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Help them find life long friends

Relationships made at summer camp can last a lifetime. Give your kid the chance to meet their new best friend. The bonds formed at summer camp are something special and can out last the test of time and distance.
My daughter didn't want to go to summer camp. New England Summer Camps had a camp near me that had all of her favorite activites. Now she can't wait to go back next year!

Bob E.

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